What to Expect

What To Expect Page

Interested in visiting a Sovereign Grace church? Here’s an overview of what you can expect. 

In some ways our churches vary widely. Some have more than 1,000 members, others have 20 or 30. Churches may meet in community centers, schools, movie theaters, or traditional church buildings. They may be urban, suburban, or rural. 

But here are a few areas we all have in common: 

  • The doctrine in our churches is evangelical, Reformed, and continuationist.
  • The preaching is typically expository—teaching through a section or a book of the Bible. 
  • The music is often contemporary, but you’ll hear hymns too. Our songs aim to promote strong doctrine and they frequently celebrate the cross of Christ. (For more about worship in Sovereign Grace churches, see the Worship Matters blog by Bob Kauflin, the director of Sovereign Grace Music.) 
  • Small groups are a major part of all Sovereign Grace churches. These groups may be organized by location, by season of life, or in some other way, but they are always intended to build community and foster growth in godliness. They’re where real life happens. 
  • And most important, the gospel of Jesus Christ governs all Sovereign Grace churches in doctrine and practice. The good news that Christ died to save sinners is of first importance—something we intend to celebrate both now and for eternity.