The Cooks Transition to Florida

Sovereign Grace Music seeks to provide Christ-exalting songs and training for the local church. We’ve been doing that now for over thirty years.

While many people have contributed to our songs, albums, seminars, and conferences during that time, few have made as significant an impact as Steve Cook. Since the late 80s, Steve has produced over 25 albums for Sovereign Grace Music, not including 16 Song Service Tapes (yes, tapes), that we used to distribute to Sovereign Grace churches. Steve, along with his wife Vikki, have penned nearly 50 of our recorded songs, including Before the Throne of God Above, I Will Glory in My Redeemer, The Glories of Calvary, and more recently, The Unbelievable. For many years Vikki was the primary Sovereign Grace female vocalist. I still remember when those vocals were being recorded on equipment in the Cooks’ master bedroom.

The digital revolution has radically changed the music industry and made it more difficult to support Steve as a full time producer. After a brief search, the Lord has opened a door for the Cooks to move with one of their daughters from Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville to Orlando, FL where Steve will be teaching Music Production online for the LA Film School. Steve’s new role is an opportunity that lines up well with his skills and experience, and we’re grateful for the Lord’s provision. He'll even have two Sovereign Grace churches to consider as he and his family set down roots.

I’ve known Steve and Vikki for more than thirty years, and served alongside them for most of the last eighteen. Their leaving is sad for me, but I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few qualities that have made serving with them such a joy.

Their love for the gospel and theology. Steve and Vikki never move on from the main things. Both in their conversation and their songs, they seek to make much of the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ and the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word. They have a thoughtful, passionate faith.

Their love for the local church. Steve and Vikki have both said to me that they find their greatest fulfillment writing songs for and serving in their local church. Whether that’s a church of 300 or 3000, they serve with the same earnestness, joy, and faithfulness. They love God’s people, and have laid down their lives to see Jesus glorified in his church.

Their giftedness laced with humility. I’ve often told people that the Cooks are two of the finest songwriters I know. But you would never hear that from them. They are constant learners and encouragers, and I’ve learned a great deal about Christ’s heart to serve by watching their lives.

Their passion for training others. A heart to serve comes out clearly in the hundreds of hours the Cooks have invested in teaching others how to write better songs at WorshipGod conferences, seminars, retreats, and online. I know of few people who can not only tell you where your song is weak, but then suggest 2-3 solutions! About an hour after one of their songwriting seminars, you’ll often find them still talking with songwriters who want to glean more from their years of experience.

Steve told me he’d love to continue serving Sovereign Grace Music in whatever ways he’s able to in the future, and I’m going to hold him to it! He’s been a dear friend, a faithful co-laborer, and a huge encouragement through the years.

Please join me in thanking God for the gift the Cooks have been to Sovereign Grace Music and praying that they would experience abundant fruitfulness in this new season. 

Bob Kauflin is the Director of Music and Worship for Sovereign Grace and serves as a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.