Resources for Churches to Share the Gospel


Reaching out to people in today’s society is not easy. Besides the millions of demands on our time, there are all kinds of obstacles and fears that get in our way. This reality can make evangelism easy to ignore and avoid. What do we do? How can we change? How can we grow?

There are two resources that have really helped our church and many others. The first is called The Proclaim Course, which is designed to motivate and equip believers to build relationships and share the gospel. The second is called The Bridge Course, which is designed to present the gospel to unbelievers and provide a context to interact with them over some of life’s most important questions.

The Proclaim Course is a DVD-based evangelism class designed to help Christians like you grow in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Through 7 sessions, you’ll discover how to build relationships with unbelievers, communicate the gospel more clearly, and trust God more fully in evangelism.

The Bridge Course is a 10-week practical introduction to Christianity. Each night starts with a free meal followed by a talk (which we’ve put on DVD). Then we have an open, question-friendly discussion. Some of the topics include: Is Jesus the Only Way?, How Can God Allow Suffering?, Can We Really Trust the Bible?, and How Could God Send People to Hell? We’ve seen hundreds come to faith in Christ through the course, so we are excited about God reaching people in your area through this proven tool. The Bridge Course enables us to spread the message of the gospel in a compelling and simple way. Now that it’s on DVD, we can use this evangelistic tool in our churches as well as smaller settings like homes, work places, coffee shops, and dorms.

I encourage you to consider taking (or re-taking) your church small groups through The Proclaim Course and then launching The Bridge Course to reach out to unbelievers.

Jim serves as a pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church (Glen Mills, PA). He and his wife, Tricia, have four children.