Pray Unceasingly


Our mission in Sovereign Grace is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by planting and strengthening churches throughout the world for the glory of God. It’s not a unique mission, but it’s our mission, and to fulfill it we need God’s strength, wisdom, provision, and help. Therefore, to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave us, we must pray as Jesus prayed. In his book, Knowing Christ, Mark Jones makes this observation about the prayer life of Jesus Christ. “Even as the perfect man, he no doubt still needed to pray. A robust, reverential, dependent prayer life was suitable and necessary given the various trials and distresses that he faced as the suffering servant. The Scriptures certainly give the impression that his prayer life was as indispensable for him as it is for us.” To pray like Christ, we must pray dependently, and unceasingly.

If prayer was indispensable for Jesus, it is indispensable for us and our mission as a family of churches. Therefore, to cultivate prayer among Sovereign Grace churches, we have dedicated a portion of our website to give you a list of prayer requests, by region, for which you can "pray unceasingly.” At the top of our homepage, you will find a tab entitled “Pray Unceasingly” that lists regional prayer requests. This list of prayer requests will also give you an idea of how God is at work in and through our churches throughout the world. So, join us in praying unceasingly and watch God answer our collective prayers for His glory.