Music & Ministry


This past July (11th-19th), I had the joy of leading 24 people from four Sovereign Grace Churches* in an E-team to our sister church in Nassau, Bahamas. This was a glorious gospel partnership with Kingdom Life Church as we set out to create a weeklong music day camp that would gather Bahamian children with hopes of sharing the love and gospel of Christ while encouraging musical talents to God’s glory. In one word: overwhelming.

If you’ve ever visited Kingdom Life Church, you would likely ask the question, how could you contain one hundred energetic children in that space for four hours? I still ask myself that question to this very day. When Cedric Moss (beloved lead pastor at Kingdom Life Church) informed us that over 140 children were set to arrive when the camp opened up, there was many a silent prayer for strength and creativity from the team members.

When those doors opened, and as the 24 team members (plus several Kingdom Life Church volunteers) received the flood of children and set to work—the Lord more than answered prayers, he overwhelmed us with his grace and help. The team members heroically shaped a day-camp experience for Bahamian children that resulted in Christ being preached and exemplified in love. It was pure sweetness to stand back and watch the team show such affection and warmth with the children and to hear the name of Jesus in conversation time and again. The fact that it was a music camp (oh, the music was loud!) was a bonus feature to the whole experience. Picture with me: crowds of children singing, chopping away at guitars and basses, banging on hand percussion, poking at piano keys, all culminating with a Friday evening concert that stirred the soul! It was indeed a music camp.

By the end of the week, we were worn out, but sweetly so. To have experienced the grace of God in ministering to these children and their families was invigorating. To have linked arms with Kingdom Life Church and with several other Sovereign Grace Churches was a deep honor. Our Savior was glorified in the process, and I am sure the team slept really well upon return to the U.S. May the Lord bless the seeds that were sown—and may he continue to build his church in Nassau, Bahamas!

*Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA
*Crossway Church in Millersville, PA
*Grace Community Church in Souderton, PA
*Grace Community Church in Melbourne, FL

Doug Plank is a gifted songwriter and leads the worship team, as well as heading the young adults (Sola) and singles ministries at Crossway Church in Lancaster, PA. Doug lives in Millersville with his wife, Brenda, and their five children.