Meet Our Regional Leaders: Billy Raies

Meet Our Regional Leaders BPFI

What local church do you pastor?

Sovereign Grace Church in Midland, Texas.

How long have you been a pastor?

I have served as the senior pastor at Sovereign Grace Church for 20 years, and prior to that, I served for six years as an associate pastor at Lakeview Christian Center in New Orleans.

billy-raies-rlHow long have you been a part of Sovereign Grace?

We were adopted into Sovereign Grace in May of 2006.

Which churches are in your region?

The Sovereign Grace churches in Texas: Cross of Grace Church in El Paso (lead pastor Ricky Alcantar); Grace Church in Frisco (lead pastor Craig Cabaniss); Redemption Hill Church in Round Rock (senior pastor Jon Payne); Lifegate Church in Seguin (senior pastor Bob Odom); Sovereign Grace Church in Pearland (senior pastor Grady Van Wright); Mision de Gracia (senior pastor Hellman Avila)

What are the pastors in your region excited about? 

We are excited about our new polity. We are excited about our new leadership team. We are exited about the bright future that we can see when we look at our younger pastors and pastoral interns—men such as Ricky Alcantar in El Paso, Rob Tombrella in Frisco, Josh Jordan in Seguin, Darrel Schiel in Pearland, Aaron Mayfield in Round Rock, and Allen Dicharry in Midland.

We are excited about the grace God brings us through our more experienced pastors such as Craig Cabaniss and Pete Payne in Frisco, Bob Odom in Seguin, and Grady VanWright in Pearland. We are excited about the men who faithfully serve our churches bivocationally such as Tom Wilkins and Joe Alcantar in El Paso; Allen Dicharry, Hugh Robotham, and Dick Brown in Midland; and Aaron Mayfield in Round Rock. We are excited about the people of our churches and their love of Christ, his cross, and the Great Commission!