"True Feelings" by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre


Recently, Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre released their latest book, True Feelings: God's Gracious and Glorious Purpose for Our Emotions. It is such an honor for me to have this opportunity to recommend this book to you.

Their writing is filled with humility, as they recognize God has created every one of us as unique individuals. They are quick to say they don’t have all the answers, but instead, remind us that the Bible has both help and hope for us all.

This book clears away the many false conceptions and confusing messages we see and are tempted to believe about our feelings. It offers biblical truths that teach us how to use our emotions for the glory of God. I’m helped when they write:

Learning how our emotions work is like learning how to read. Our emotions may feel confusing and overwhelming at first, like a page full of words to a beginning reader. We don’t know what they mean or what we’re supposed to do with them. But when we learn God’s purpose for our emotions, a whole new world opens up to us. We can begin to interpret our feelings and discover how they are meant to work…

For 25 years, Carolyn has cared for and mentored women like me. Her friendship, writing, experience, and messages have tremendously influenced my life as I seek to be a godly woman, just like her.

Nicole has grown, studied, worked, and learned side by side with her mother and continues to do so, every day. She is a daughter, wife, and mother who serves patiently and humbly—which is not always an easy task!

Carolyn and Nicole are both learners and now we, as readers, have the privilege to learn from their studies, their wisdom, and their experience.

One example is the encouragement I received from their writing to consider how I can grow regarding my emotions and how they affect me:

When we clear away the clutter of misconceptions and take another look at what Scripture teaches, we will unearth some wonderful truths about our feelings. We can change the way we feel! Scripture shows us that emotions are not unreliable, but are one of the most reliable things about us. Emotions are not a hindrance to wise decision making, but are central to the Christian life. Feelings are not bad. Instead, they play a good and useful role with the other faculties. God’s Word doesn’t pit feelings and truth against each other but calls us to feel more deeply about the things that are true. In other words, Scripture leads us to have true feelings.

True Feelings encouraged and strengthened my faith, and I believe it will do the same for you. It’s well thought out, well researched, and, best of all, is written with the expertise of seasoned, wise women who have learned to apply biblical truths in their own lives and families with so much grace and joy. Carolyn and Nichole have once again helped me in my pursuit of God and desire to glorify Him with my life. I think they’ll do the same for you—go pick up your copy now!

Cheri resides in Knoxville, TN where her husband, Bill, is senior pastor of Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.