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Apple Seeds and the Northeast Regional Assembly of Elders

NE Region 2015 Original 309

An apple seed is really small, but with a seemingly immeasurable inside. Inside the miniscule there is the massive. One seed has within it a tree which will "give birth" to hundreds of apples which can generate a thousand orchards able to produce millions more apples. It isin C.S. Lewis's memorable line in The Last Battle"bigger on the inside than on the outside." Welcome...

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Of Sequoias, Partnerships, and a Regional Assembly of Elders

2014 Northeast Regional Elders Retreat

Sequoia Surprises Those who know me well know my fascination with Sequoias. Some of these herbal behemoths live for thousands of years, stand some 250300 feet into the air, branch out with limbs bigger than every tree that most of us have ever seen, weigh in at 2,000,000 pounds, are voluminous enough to swallow 13 blue whales, and are so fat that four tractor trailers can...

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