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D.A. Carson & Sam Storms To Teach in the Pastors College

As I announced at our recent Pastors Conference, each year the Pastors College offers special courses in addition to our regular curricula, that strengthen our program and provide ongoing training for our existing pastors. We are looking forward to having both D.A. Carson and Sam Storms teach this academic year. Dr. Carson will be doing a special course on the book of Reve...

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Divine Jealousy


I came home from the Sovereign Grace Pastors conference with a fresh surge of divine jealousy. Let me explain what I mean by the term. I want the Lord to receive glory and many echoes of thanksgiving from our church as we invest in gospel mission around the world. This is not a selfish jealousya base craving to be recognized or known or have a famous church in this world...

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The Pastors Conference Check-up


I'm a little over a week back from the annual Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference and have been reflecting on it a bit. There are features of the conference that I've come to expect and appreciate over the yearsvibrant worship, compelling preaching, insightful seminars, late nights hanging out, too much restaurant food, meeting new folks and catching up with old friends. Bu...

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