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Meet Our Regional Leaders: Rick Gamache

Meet Our Regional Leaders BPFI

What local church do you pastor? I am a pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. How long have you been a pastor? Fourteen years this March. How long have you been a part of Sovereign Grace? Our church was adopted in April 2003. Which churches are in your region? Covenant Life Fellowship in Roseburg, Oregon (David York, Bill Heard, and Mike Kell...

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Meet Our Regional Leaders

Meet Our Regional Leaders BPFI

The pastors of Sovereign Grace ratified a new polity and Book of Church Order in April 2013. The new polity called for our family of churches to be organized into geographic regions. Each region forms a Regional Assembly of Elders, which simply means that every ordained elder in those regional churches is a part of the Regional Assembly. The Regional Assembly of Elders in ...

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Free eBook: The Best of

The Best of BPFI

Bob Kauflin, the Director of Worship for Sovereign Grace, has been blogging at since 2005. Since he started the blog, Bob has written hundreds of posts addressing a variety of topics related to worship. These topics include gospel-centered worship, reverence, idolatry, receiving correction, evaluating music, and many, many other topics. He has also answe...

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Jeff Purswell's List of Significant Pastoral Books Published In 2013

Jeff Purswell's 2013 Book List BPFI

The end of a year brings forth endless lists - "best of," "worst of," "most significant," "most over-rated" - one last chance in the year for people to publish their opinions.Some lists are more useful than others, and for pastors, book lists are doubtless the most interesting. Any such list, by definition, reflects personal preference, if not outright bias. Despite this,...

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