A Loyalty That’s Deeper Than Mere Sentiments: Building a Local Church in an age of Social Media, Crazy Politics, and Constant Change

October 4, 2017 Speaker: John Loftness Series: 2017 Pastors Conference

Topic: Breakout Session

We live in an age of radical individualism. When that’s the ruling value, loyalty goes out the door. And, sadly, when the world gets sick, the church often neglects to get the right vaccination.This seminar will explore the cultural and philosophical roots of individualism and how the evangelical church, in particular, has been unwittingly drawn into its thinking, often leading to weakness in fellowship and ministry. It will also establish an ethic of loyalty from Scripture, with the gospel informing how we are to treat one another.Pastors, by teaching and example, can help create a culture of loyalty within their church, but we must lead by grace in our teaching and leadership and avoid the danger of requiring something that can only be freely given.

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