Regional Leaders

The aim of our Regional Leaders is to provide leadership and care for the elders in their regions for the sake of joyful participation in our shared mission, doctrine, and values.

Warren Boettcher

Warren Boettcher Northeast Region

Warren serves as the senior pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Marlton, New Jersey. He is married to Kim, and they have five children.

Keith Collins

Keith Collins Southeast Region

Keith Collins serves as a pastor at Lakeview Christian Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is married to Gina, and they have seven children. Read more about Keith.

Mickey Connelly

Mickey Connolly Mid-South Region

Mickey is the senior pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He and his wife, Jane, have three children. Read more about Mickey.

Rick Gamache

Rick Gamache Midwest-Northwest Region

Rick serves as the senior pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. He and his wife, Delaine, have five children. Read more about Rick.

John Loftness

John Loftness Mid-Atlantic Region

John Loftness is the pastor of Living Hope Church in Bowie, MD. He and his wife Nancy have four children.

Andy Farmer

Ken Mellinger Lower Great Lakes Region

Ken Mellinger has been a part of Sovereign Grace since its inception and has 20 years of pastoral ministry experience. He is an elder atLiving Hope Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he previously served as senior pastor from 1993-2016.

Jon Payne

Jon Payne South Central Region

Jon serves as the senior pastor of Redemption Hill Church in Round Rock, Texas. He is married to Lory, and they have four children.

Eric Turbedsky

Eric Turbedsky West Region

Eric is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Orange, California.